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Tue 30 Oct 2018 | 127| godwin
has finally dropped his most anticipated studio project, a 27 track mix tape for upcoming rappers titled “”, aimed at giving new talents a platform, it features various uprising stars aided by some hooks and chopped samples of , , , TiyeP and Kantu.
“I feel like, most of the times we don’t pay much attention to underground rappers, so this year I focused more on making projects that
would give upcoming future rappers some platform of exposure.
Therefore, this One Mic mix-tape is a project that features upcoming
rappers from all over and hopefully those with excellent delivery will
be identified! we had some tough barz on it!”, said Mzenga Man.
Get all the songs below. Enjoy!
1. X Slapdee X [Jay Keyz-Triangle Cian] X Tomz X SMG X Espanyora X Emyzol X Brian Geezo |
2. X Slapdee X Qbic Styles X Tristan MC4 X Cas Jay X Dove Dee X MC Spark T X Jerry Reigns |
3. X Slapdee X Mweizye X Kenny Geez X Bismark Lamar X Jay Tipu X Tino X Capdee |
4. X Slapdee X Krazy Chiq X Stan JR X Kester B X Emmaslank X Sky Walker X Guy Tizzy X Kley Holly |
5. X Stevo X Fresh Bizzy X Shi JK X Wagar D1000 X Orijay X C Fire X B Chris X Meck Dee |
6. X Stevo X Stan X Walker Sky X Pac Zee X Sky P X Toxic X- X Luga X Lil Peezy |
7. X Stevo X VF X Squllo 95 X ADT X Rocky Field X Ryan Brown X Swift X Teddyo |
8. All I Need- Part D X Stevo X [Blaq Bowy – High Bread] X Yung Sypher X One Kaf X Luk Kwacha |
9. All I Need- Part E X Stevo X B Wing X Kutchy X Notsar X [G.O- Hybread] X Chox B X Zed kid |
10. Money- Part A X Kantu X Dove Dee X Emyzol X Brian Geezo X Twister X Giver G |
11. Money- Part B X Kantu X Tristan MC4 X M Jay Psalms X MC Spark T X Tipsy T-Row X Bill Shylon |
12. Money- Part C X Kantu X Don Bracho X Stan JR X Hoodbwoy X K Trigga X Bismark Lamar X Emmaslank |
13. Money- Part D X Kantu X Rae Doll X Jerry Reigns X Vencha X Espanyora |
14. Money- Part E X Kantu X Stan X Tomz X Tino X KB Alpha X Liquidiza Sisco X Lil Peeze |
15. Money- Part F X Kantu X Trevor Empire |
16. Savage- Part A X Bobby East X Twister X B Wing X Tipsy T-Row X Hoodbwoy X Jay Tag X Giver G |
17. Savage- Part B X Bobby East X Shi JK X Mweizye X [Blaq Bowy- High Bread] X Liquidza Sisco X Son of Zion X KB Alpha X Kanja-CCR |
18. Savage- Part C X Bobby East X Walker Sky X Meck Dee X Dove Dee X Fresh Bizzy X ADT X Tidowa |
19. Savage- Part D X Bobby East X Bill Shylone X Leo Dee X Rocky Field X Vencha X GQ X Nostar X Toxic |
20. Savage- Part E X Bobby East X Kley Holly X K Trigga X Don Bracho X S X Zed Kid X Sky Walker X Luk Kwacha |
21. Golden Eye- Part A X Tiye P X Dove Dee X [Jemwa- CCR] Pac Zee X Sicho Wizo X Son of Zion |
22. Golden Eye -Part B X Tiye P X Kutchy X Jay Tag X Chox B X Teij CJ X B Chris |
23. Golden Eye- Part C X Tiye P X Bizzy Doi, Rae Doll, EC Bad Musician, One Kaf X Cape Dee X Ty-dee |
24. Golden Eye- Part D X Tiye P X C-Fire X Wagar D1000 X Orijay X KR X Luk Kwacha |
25. Mvelani- Part A X Lisa X Sky P X EC Bad Musican X Yung Sypher X Jae Flaex X Cas Jay |
26. Mvelani- Part B X Lisa X Teij CJ X SMG X [IMT3-Triangle Cian] X King B X Kiddo |
27. Mvelani- Part C X Lisa X VF X Tydee X Jay Tipu X Kenny Geez X Ryan Brown X Bizzy boi |

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